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Josh Stevens


My goal for being part of Stay for life was simply to try to help others through my experiences. Suicide is an epidemic today and have lost more friends than I can count. I have struggled with suicidal ideation much of my life. I've always felt like I didn't fit in to polite society. I am a misfit, an outlaw one who has always felt more comfortable on the fringes of society. As a recovering addict and alcoholic and having survived an attempted Suicide myself I know I have valuable insight that I hope by sharing can have an impact on someone else or others.

A Bit About Me

 Schools: Stearns High School and University Maine Augusta mental health and substance abuse counseling 

 Occupation: currently general contractor, professional chef for many years and still love cooking

 Family: was fortunate enough to marry my very best friend. I knew very early on Margo was the one. We have been married for nearly 20 years and look forward to each and every day we are fortunate enough to spend together. We have raised 3 amazing children together Meshel, Alexxus and Treyce.


Hometown: Millinocket, Maine


Favorite foods: wild game and seafood (meat and potatoes)


Hobbies: motorcycles, billiards, hunting, fly fishing, foraging, survivalist studies, gardening, natural plant medicine  and homesteading 


Pets: Finn the boxer forever missing his big brother Redd the boxer


Colors: camo colors, earth tones, black 


Pet peeves: mispronounced words


Quote: The most terrifying force comes from the hands of men who only want to be left alone. They try to mind their own, to provide for themselves and those they care about and love. They resist every impulse to fight back knowing when their hand is forced the permanent change of life that shall come from it. 

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