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Trent Gibson, the inspiration behind Stay; For Life

Stay; For Life - so much power in three words and a punctuation mark

Who we are; we are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives by advocating for men's mental health and suicide prevention.

Who make up our team; pictured below are our founding members - Donnie, Angela, Amy and Margo


Why we are doing this; on June 19, 2022 Angela's 18 year old son, Trent, took his life. Angela lost one of her sons, Donnie lost one of his step-sons,

Amy lost a young man she loved as her own, and Margo lost one of her nephews.


In the very short time since we've taken on this fight, we've touched hundreds (yes, hundreds) of people. We've distributed resource cards, what to say and do cards, magnets and bracelets with crisis hotline phone numbers, and an ocean of t-shirts with Trent's real signature and crisis information. We've distributed light therapy boxes to those who recognize they may benefit from them. We've spoken to student bodies. We've been approached to speak at workplaces and corporations regarding invitations to speak at staff meetings, helping to educate and foster awareness in the workplace. We're moving mountains.

Donnie, Angela, Amy, and Margo, the founders of Stay; For Life
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